Morrocan Embroidered white Dishdasha EastEssence

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It is a quintessential basic white poplin Dishdasha celebrating Minimalist Style.It features Morrocan motifed Embroidery on the neck running through the short length of button PlacketAdorned with a round collar, it gives ample room to the intricate beige threaded embroidery detailing,...

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Ah great! Such a relief to be out of restrictive uncomfortable Western clothes into something loose fitting and nice looking. Goes great with my black Bisht (cloak, from the same store. fit is perfect Brings back excellent memories of living in Senegal. Fabric is just right for the heat here in Phoenix.
I really like this garment. My only complaint is that the material isn't as soft as I was expecting. It is a coarse cotton. But quality is good.
Took longer than I expected to arrive, and I was feeling impatient, until I read that each item is made to-order, rather than mass-produced. Once I read that explanation, I completely understood, and I appreciated the quality and attention to detail even more. Beautiful, quality work. I love these items.

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