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Tags/No.-------Bust--------Length--------Shoulder breadth----Sleeve length M--------94cm/37.00"---140cm/55.12"-------36cm/14.17"--------59cm/23.22" L--------98cm/38.58"---142cm/55.90"-------37cm/14.60"--------60cm/23.62" XL-------102cm/40.20"---144cm/56.70"-------38cm/14.96"--------61cm/24.00"

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Big deception!! The dress I've got is nothing like the elegant look of the one in the picture!!It's rather a satin nightgown with a piece of frayed cheap lace on top...
It wasn't properly stitch it's was open from so many places so I won't buy again
It wasn't good at all , very cheap material , very cheap make and didn't fit at all

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